What services does this organization offer?

We provide bills payment services, where you can purchase your data subscriptions, Airtime, Cable Tv Subscriptions, Electricity units, Waec pin, Neco pin, etc, at cheaper rates.

I have signed up, how can i put money in my wallet?

Select the menu and select fund account. make a cash transfer from your bank account to your dedicated wallet account number as displayed. Your wallet will be funded automatically and immediately.

How long does it take for my wallet to be funded?

The "DIRECT INSTANT AUTO WALLET FUNDING" is instant. just as the name implies

Apart from the automatic wallet funding option, is there any other option?

Yes, you can make payment into the account details provided under the second option, just scroll down the Fund account page and you will see it.

Can i also transfer money from my wallet to my bank account?

Yes you can. just select the money transfer option and enter the required details

When can i use this services?

Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere.

Do you mean that i can buy electricity units for my meter?

Yes, you can recharge the following discos; AEDC, IBEDC, IE, EKO, JOS, KEDC, KEDCO, PHEDC, EEDC

So you mean there are no extra charges for my cable Tv subscriptions?

Yes, there are no extra charges on Cable tv subscriptions,

If i need more discounts, i.e, more than what is available on the vendors' page, what can i do?